Some Days (3rd Trimester Edition)

Some days I feel like a goddess–powerful, strong, sustaining life with the miracle that is my body . . .

And some days I feel like an over-stretched sack of humans, fraying at the edges and straining at the seams.

Some days I feel accomplished–homemade, healthy dinner on the table, laundry done, toddler happy and tired from a day of outside adventure . . .

And some days I feel like putting on pants is more of a challenge than I have the will to take on.

Some days I feel happy knowing my babies are coming soon and I’ll have two sweet, tiny boys to snuggle and feed . . .

And some days all I can think about is the sheer volume of gross bodily fluids I will be cleaning up for the next two-three years.

Some days, I look at my handsome husband in awe of all that he is to me and to our growing family–how hard he works, how much of my slack he takes up as I get more and more ungainly, and how much love, time, and energy he gives to me and our daughter.

And some days, I want to punch him in the throat for telling me he understands how I feel or complaining that his back hurts or whining as he slowly and dramatically perishes of a “man-cold.”

Some days, I think to myself I am never having another child as long as I live after these two . . .

And some days . . . just kidding, that one is actually all of the days.  ; )


2 thoughts on “Some Days (3rd Trimester Edition)

  1. brenda Richardson

    you always nail it girl. Emotions are not something you can “nail down” and they do not pertain to hormones and being pregnant. I am close to ending things with legal issues with my brother and after a year+ it is harder to remain neutral being so close, so long and such a long battle. and still not knowing the outcome. You are facing an “unknown” with twins and how it will all go – and yes you and Carl and T have a fantastic family these boys will be born into it is – a game changer and you have no idea what it will look like until it happens. You have to wait and see and go from there. And it will be good and crazy at times. And I love your honesty of how it goes to “get there” and then your honesty of what it will be when you “get there”. I never doubt you and Carl’s love of these amazing boys but will love the amazing posts of incorporating twins with all the love and crazy, humor, passion and again pure love they bring to your life. And yes LOL ready to punch someone in the neck who says – “You’re such an amazing mom!” when all you want is a great massage, facial and glass of good wine and no kids around for a few hours. Hmmmm I think I may have just found your perfect baby shower gift. Love to you, Carl and boys and LOL know your mom and Dad and Carl’s parents are over the moon for these two new grandbabies!

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  2. Momma bear

    So very well put. You have a way with words. Thank you for sharing them. It has always amazed me how they seem to gather up into being inside you and then – There they are! A gift for all to read.
    Love you

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