Where to Begin?

I truly have no idea where to begin writing about birth and new motherhood.  Words don’t seem big enough.  This little list is my warm up.  : )

Someone wonderful (I don’t know who, there was no note!) sent me a beautiful necklace with a pendant that has the word “Mother” engraved in several different languages on it.  I burst into tears when I realized what it said. Until that moment, I hadn’t actually thought of myself as a mother.

I can’t always sleep when she sleeps because I love to watch her sleeping.

My belly button is back!  I missed my belly button.  : )

Watching my husband love and care for her is even more sweetly beautiful (and sometimes hilarious) than I imagined it would be.

Oddly, while I never had a single craving throughout my entire pregnancy, the day she was born I started needing almond/toffee Symphony bars as if my life depended on them.  So strange and it hasn’t gone away yet! I’m just saying, there may or may not be three, king size Symphony bars in our refrigerator right now.

She is delightful and exhausting and I have never felt so much so fiercely.

And I think she may take issue with my morning breath . . .

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