The War for Mac n’ Cheese Manor

Friends.  Since the day we moved in we have been beating back the wildlife (i.e. mice, bats, and squirrels) and trying to make Mac n’ Cheese Manor ours and ONLY ours.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all creatures, great and small, but I love most of them not in our house: dogs and cats notwithstanding . . . and maybe someday a pot-bellied pig . . . and maybe a mini pony that can come inside sometimes . . . or lots of times . . . do they make mini pony pet doors for houses?  Anyway, I digress . . .

Our efforts have not been entirely futile.  We have removed two bats (safely and with zero human or bat casualties), we have removed countless mice (safely for us . . . not always so much the mice),  and then there are the squirrels.

We have live trapped and removed exactly one squirrel.  We have three live-traps.  We have baited them more times than I care to list, and always the bait is gone, the little door is down, but the trap is empty.  We’ve made modifications to better our chances of catching the little monsters, all to no avail.

In the thirty or so minutes since I’ve been sitting on our couch writing this post, I’ve heard one (or two?) run up through our living room wall to get to the upstairs.  And this morning, when Carl pulled on the retractable power cord to plug in our iron, bird seed literally poured out of it:
IMG_8661Which means we were likely wrong when we thought it was my sweet Sunshine who poured birdseed into my rain boots last week . . .

In light of all this, we are switching from live traps to not so live traps, and we are getting a cat, and I’m moving the birdseed into an old dog food bin with a lid that clicks shut.  We may have lost the last few (okay, maybe all previous) battles against the squirrels, but we are going to win the war for our beautiful, much-nibbled Mac n’ Cheese Manor!




Mac n’ Cheese Manor: A Formal Introduction

As many of you know, we have just purchased our very first home, which I have lovingly dubbed, “Mac n’ Cheese Manor” for it’s . . . vivid shade of yellow.  The search for a home that met all of our needs was so exhausting that I eventually quit altogether and left my husband to the search on his own.  Never in my wildest imaginings would I have expected him to find something like this.

Mac n’ Cheese Manor includes about three acres of woods and five acres of cleared land, a giant barn full of God knows what, and a super creepy basement.  It is somewhere around two hundred years old (depending on which section) and we’re setting an appointment with the historical society to see if they can tell us anything about it’s origins and life before us.  The property backs up to wildlife preservation land (with trails that horses are allowed on) and a lovely, crystal clear creek.  There’s also a brewery/playground/organic meat and dairy products market exactly 1.1 miles down the road.

All of that said, we have our work cut out for us.  Not only is the outside chipping YELLOW (a color so loud it must be typed out in all caps), but the inside is painted crumbling pink and neon green unless it’s covered with peeling wallpaper or ancient wainscotting the color of a black hole.  The floors need to be redone and for some reason the door to one of the bathrooms is right next to where the refrigerator goes.  Ew.  There are no appliances and since the house was built it has only had two stoves for cooking–the first was a wood stove and the second was a propane stove so it does not currently have the 220 outlet required for a modern, electric stove.  The windows are single-paned and wood framed (in other words, whatever is happening outside temperature-wise is also happening inside) and the barn is full of treasures (read dust and guano covered probably junk) that we’ll have to clean up and clear out to make room for horses, tack, and hay.

How we will accomplish all of these things between just the two of us and a baby??? Follow along here where I will be posting a play by play of our home-revival projects and we can all find out together!  Wish us luck, we’re going to need it . . . : )