I’ve shattered again.

But instead of gluing the pieces back together

I’m sifting through what was in the container

when it broke.

There’s no one here to tell me I’m ready.

No one I can ask if it’s good enough,

if I’ve met the goal

achieved the end.

Just me and all these words

that look like everyone else’s.

All those years

how did I not realize

I was still storing my worth

in the eyes of others?

I am calling it back now.

From every mis-place.

Even if I’m shattered and

have nowhere to put it


2 thoughts on “Enough

  1. Aunt Sue

    Eventually, all your shattered pieces will coalesce wrapped inside a comforting shawl woven with the threads of many loved ones who want nothing more of you than for you to just be, and you will shine like the rare and exquisite jewel that you are.

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