Awkward Girl: Thanks Tobyn!

Hi. For those of you who know me, none of this will be new, but since I’ve been writing more and sharing more, there are quite a few of you who, even if you know me in passing, don’t know certain, key things about me as a person.

I say and do a lot of things that would be really embarrassing if they weren’t so funny. I also struggle with small talk, especially with people I don’t already know, because I don’t watch t.v. or movies, I don’t keep up with current music, and most pop culture references and jokes are completely lost on me. When I have time to read, I’m always reading poetry or novels from the 1700’s-early 1900’s, I don’t follow any sports, and I’m lucky to be married to someone very tech savvy because I am very the opposite of tech savvy. Basically, I was born 150-ish years later than maybe I was supposed to be.

So, you can see why it would be important for me to have great friends in my life who love me, have my back, know my limitations, and aren’t afraid to be honest with me. Friends like my girl, Tobyn, who sent me a message on Instagram last night, complete with screenshots and circles (which I’m grateful for because I needed), demonstrating how to include actual links in my Facebook and Instagram stories:

I HAD NO IDEA!!!!! If you didn’t either, BOOM, there ya go!

So, thanks, Tobyn; I am not the least bit annoyed! I’d 100% still be typing out my Black Ink Birds web address every. single. time. and editing my bio (which also took me two days to figure out) making it harder for people to read my stuff if it weren’t for you! You’re a total keeper and I love you to bits. : )

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