Attempted Yoga: Session One

My sweet Sunshine is one and a half years old.  She is a running, jumping, climbing wonder and wants to at least try whatever her papa and I are doing.  Yoga is something I enjoy but have trouble making time for, especially because her nap times are my cleaning, meal prep, writing times.  So I thought it would be fun to attempt a yoga video while she was awake and it was just the two of us.
IMG_9365I got out two yoga mats and two sets of yoga blocks.  She was curious immediately–walking on the mats, sitting on the blocks, checking things out.  When I started the actual video, she crawled under me, tried to take my phone and when I put it up where she couldn’t reach there was some yelling.  I just kept going as she ran in and out of the room (I had everything closed off to her but the kitchen and living room so I could be sure she was safe), played with the yoga blocks (stacking them, putting them in her shopping cart, etc), grabbed my bun and pulled when she couldn’t get my attention to her satisfaction, and at one point even climbed onto my back!  Through it all, I moved into each new pose as best I could, only stopping when I had to-to talk about how we don’t pull hair, etc.

This is the picture I took at the end of the 11 minute video.  My face tells my half of the story: amused, mildly annoyed, and not as relaxed as I’d hoped to feel but certainly thinking it was not a complete failure.  Her face tells the rest: curious and looking to me for our next move.

When Carl got home, I went through a few poses without the video and, as I hoped, she repeated most of her antics from earlier in the day so he could snap a few photos.  Now, I’m wondering if we do this for a few minutes every day, will she try more of the poses?  Will she go do her own thing knowing I’ll be done in a few minutes and back to playing with her again?  I have no idea, but plan to find out.  : )

All of that said, here are the photos, please forgive my sloppy poses!  I won’t apologize for the messy house though, because honestly, that’s just how it looks these days. : )



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