It’s time again–to wash, fold and put away another piece of the past.

It’s time again–to sit at the window with my coffee and think on what the future might hold.

It’s time again–to roll up my sleeves and tug at the threads of fate, disrupting the work of The Weavers.

It’s time again–to be unsure and carry forward anyway.

Ready or not

It’s time.

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Jesse-
    Here is the speech/poem I gave at my daughter Sara’s wedding. I think it relates to what you are recognizing here. It’s called “The Bring & Send”

    You Bring them into the world,
    and then the hospital sends you home.

    You bring them close to your chest when they are hungry and crying
    then you send them to sleep on their own.

    You bring them to the supper table
    and then you send them off to do homework.

    You bring them to their dance and music lessons
    and then send them out on stage.

    You bring them to their baseball and soccer practices
    and then you send them out onto the field.

    You bring them home from high school graduation
    and then you send them off to college.

    Finally you realize that you’ve brought them up to a point
    where you really have to let go
    when they send you a picture of the proposal.

    Lastly, you bring them up the aisle
    And then send them off with love.

    May your love bring you a world of happiness
    and may you send that happiness out to the world.

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