My Mama

Last week I had my first day back at work.  Lucky for me, I get to leave my baby at home with family while I’m away and only have part time hours in the office, but it’s still so very hard to leave her and that very first day was definitely the worst.  From the moment I got up, I was grateful for my mama’s help.  Not only did she take a week and a few days off from her own job to watch my little girl, she also made me breakfast and packed me a lunch, much like when I was little and heading off to school.

And, just like when I was little and in school, when lunchtime rolled around and I paused from working/worrying/missing my little one to eat, I found a note in my lunch bag.  Mom always put notes in our lunches when I was growing up and even though it’s been more than twenty years since she last packed me one, she still somehow knew exactly what to write . . .

And it was.  : )

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