Now & Then

How quickly and completely life can change . . .

This month I will become a mother and I’ll get to watch my husband become a father.

Next month I’ll send my husband off to the east coast where he’ll begin his dream career of working to develop electric propulsion for space travel.

In the two or so months after that, I’ll be leaving my career for awhile to be a stay at home mom, we’ll be purchasing our first home, and Miss Baby and I will join him there to begin new lives of our own.

I still remember being 16 to his 18, laying on our backs on the roof in Oakridge while he told me all about his dreams and the stars.

I still remember being 20 to his 22, long hours, late into the night, talking on the phone about how far from those dreams he’d gotten somehow.

I still remember sitting in the car at Lithia Park, 26 to his 28, asking him what he wanted to be and making him say it out loud twice, “I want to be an engineer.”

Back then it all seemed so incredibly far away and yet here we are . . .

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